Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shabbos With Squanto, Et Al.

The Kvetcher dug up Harley's post from a year ago about Thanksgiving and is not happy with it. The whole controversy is whether or not those Jews who take a more stringent view of Torah and halakhic requirements should celebrate the U.S. Federal Holiday every third Thursday in November, or whether one should avoid it like those temple prostitutes that buzzkill Rashi warned us about. The Kvetcher thinks it's a silly controversy, born of those who just like to pick fights with the secular world.

I'm actually inclined to agree, for the most part. You never hear any controversy about whether or not it's okay to celebrate such traditional American burnt meat festivals like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, even though you tend to get a lot more Christian god-references in the music on those days. We can take this to the ad absurdum: President's Day Sales - does taking advantage of the discount bring on the wrath of the Divine?

I think there's a reasonable line to be drawn between being a holy people apart and being complete wet blankets about the universe, and looking down on Thanksgiving is the wrong side of the line.

Plus, I love stuffing.


Annie said...

The real question about Thanksgiving vis a vis halakha is whether or not Turkey is kosher.

It's actually a very interesting question, but as I love to eat turkey, I think that you can guess which side I'm on.

Harley said...

I love turkey! And ham. Also, I guess I should start blogging, again, huh?

The Pedant said...

If turkey isn't kosher, then have duck. Or brisket.

Man, I'd totally eat duck for Thanksgiving. Or basically any meal.

Annie said...

Harley-- probs.

Pedant-- You would eat just about anything.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Da Wife is making us a Turkey dinner this year. Usually we go to my grandfather but he is in the hospital. :(

8 pounds of fun!

Anonymous said...

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