Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Quick Things:

1) I just read How We are Hungry by Dave Eggers, and have come to realize that, despite What is the What, I don't really like Dave Eggers. Or short stories.

2) I may be going public soon with my identity. Most of the three remaining readers know who I am already, but it will certainly make it more difficult for me to stalk ex-boyfriends using this name (NB: kidding! I'll still stalk them.)

Also, as a side note, unrelated to either of those points, I learned how to use a paper bindery-thingy today. And let me say, that I am soooo coool.


The Pedant said...

I'd settle for you to allow those who are related to you to admit that on the internet.

Liberal Jew said...

Annie- Nice to have you (and Jewbiq) back...what gives? Also you should do your thing, be out or be Annie but keep writing

Dash said...

Nice to see you blogging again...You are totally right about Dave Eggers. The one great thing he's really done is to create McSweeneys which does occasionally have good short fiction.

Also, you should reveal the mystery of your identity--if only to settle all the wagers made in Vegas.

The Pedant said...

If there are wagers in Vegas, I'd like to know before they close - I have inside information.

Annie said...

Pedant- as always, you are so weird. And I think that everyone knows at this point that you're my brother and not Harley's. Our interests are too esoteric and similar.

LJ- thanks. I'll ask you when I need fodder for posts (the new pos gig is political in nature).

Dash- Yeah, I am not a Dave Eggers fan, although I do love McSweeneys, especially the internet version. I wish that I could write a review of a new food, but I don't eat that many fascinating things.

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