Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Game: The Final Post

For any of those who were concerned, I did have my ice cream in a helmet (complete with rainbow sprinkles) pre-game, and then a beer, and in the 6th inning two kosher hot dogs. I also managed to go during the 7th inning stretch, which is apparently when mincha* is held at the kosher hot dog stand. Awesome.

As I walked up to the stand (the first time) the young man behind the counter was a bit chatty and flirty. He said that I looked like Olivia Wilde (image below) from Black Donnelly's. This is hilarious for a couple of reasons, but mostly because CJ keeps saying that I'm a good genetic bet because of my green eyes and "tiny Irish nose."

I look vaguely like this. But with more clothing. Also, her last name appears to be Wilde-Cohen. Is she married to a Jew?

The second time that I approached the hot dog stand (during mincha), the young man hailed me as "hey, it's my friend Olivia, give her anything she wants." Which of course made me blush. He then asked what brought me to the game. I said "my love for Jorge Posada, although sadly he isn't playing tonight." After I received and paid for my hot dogs he told me to come back often. Amazing.

As we left (after the Yankees won!) CJ asked if I wanted to go say hi to my friend, and tried to get me to wave. My theory? He just wanted to walk by holding hands to stake his claim. That or he wanted to try to get free hot dogs. Either or.

*Mincha is one of three prayer services that traditionally observant Jews do a day, which were meant to replace the three sacrifices that used to be made a day during temple times. It is the afternoon/early evening service, and the shortest of the three.


orieyenta said...

Mincha and a kosher hot dog all in one shot? What more could an observant Jew ask for. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey...that's cool. Did you get a minyan?

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell my that someone watches The Black Donnellys?

(The Donkey)

Annie said...

Orie- well, I couldn't attend mincha, as there wasn't a mechitza, and I was the only girl, but I'm sure CJ could have if he had wanted to/not already drunk four beers.

Amishav-they did.

Donkey- apparently. Also she was in "Alpha Dog" and "The Girl Next Door," neither of which I have seen.

SaraK said...

Olivia is married to Tao Ruspoli