Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ICHC is ruining my relationship

For serious. I love ICHC, but it really has to stop. CJ and I end every interaction with the phrase "k thx bai."

We talk like idiots. Basically all the time. Our grammar has suffered, and speaking like a lolcat is not necessarily going to impress prospective employers (did I mention that I am job-hunting?).

This is how I imagine the conversation:

Prospective Employer: So, what can you bring to this organization?
Me: I can has writing skillz.



Anonymous said...

Cute pic! I had a nice chuckle over that one- and yes, students are now actually starting to write like text messagers in their formal writing. We're doomed.

orieyenta said...

I'm am so superswamped at work and needless to say a bit kvetchy so this was just what I needed. Those pics are hilarious!

Annie said...

Ami- thanks, and that is amazing. As long as they aren't writing like lolcats I think that society still has something left to offer.

Orie-I love it. Every day I laugh.

The Pedant said...

Let us hope that Dad never learns of the LOLcats.

Because, if he does, we will forever get ill-spelled text messages about someone stealing his bucket or similar.

Wolkin said...

My resume. Let me show you it.