Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Open Letter: Yankees Clubhouse

Dear Yankees Clubhouse,

why don't you carry a Jorge Posada t-shirt in women's sizes? Do you only carry women's shirts with the names of specific, big name players, or those with silly slogans, or covered in pink and sparkles? Why do you artificially manipulate our fanship to conform to those big name players? Must we be forced to buy youth large t-shirts forever? And, for the record, youth extra large t-shirts are huge, comparable in size to the adult small, don't think that I didn't check.

You see, this is a problem because I really want a Jorge Posada t-shirt. Jorge is my boy. Not only is he an amazing player, but I have loved him ever since the all-star game where, when his name was called, a teeny child came out onto the field, wearing a teeny Posada uniform, complete with black greasepaint stripes under the eyes.

the genesis of my love

I am going to a Yankee's game tomorrow night, and am seriously disappointed that not only could I not find a Posada t-shirt in a women's size, but that you were also out of youth larges. I was forced to buy a Chien Ming Wang t-shirt, because, if I can't wear Posada, I at least want a t-shirt that says "WANG" in big letters across the back.

Please consider offering t-shirts with the names of other players (or customizeable) in women's sizes, sans sparkles.

Sincerely Yours,


Sherbs said...

On Open Letter:

Dear Annie,

You are a YANKEES fan? Clearly we cannot be friends, or family, anymore. Only real Jews root for the Mets. Because they replaced the Brooklyn Dodgers. A real baseball team.



Anonymous said...

Annie, I don't understand something. Why do you care if the size you wear is youth large? It seems to me that all you are asking is that they take youth large t-shirts and call them women's t-shirts instead. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sherbs meant "real jews only root for the mets" not "only real jews root for the mets."

Jack's Shack said...

Real baseball fans root for National League teams with winning traditions. This excludes the Mets.

Annie said...

Sherbs- I am, if anything, a Nats fan, but my love for Jorge knows no bounds. Also CJ loves the Yankees.

Anon- Youth large fits me. But that isn't true for all women, and is a weapon of last resort. Also: by "fits" I mean "covers my body," however, it does not take into account body parts like "breasts" and so is really, really tight. The other option? Swimming in a men's small. If I'm going to spend money on an item of clothing, I'd like it to approximately fit me. I don't think that that is unreasonable.

Jack- oh snap.

Jack's Shack said...


orieyenta said...

I was forced to buy a Chien Ming Wang t-shirt

Little Orieyenta and I applaud you for making the Asian choice ;)

antipode said...

I just bought my girlfriend a Majestic brand Yankees Posada shirt, just like the boys wear.

She is usually a small-medium size (I guess 4s and 6s, and the occasional 8) and is about 5'4".

I got her a youth size LARGE.

It fits well: a little long, a *little* roomy, and we expect it to shrink a touch. If we went a little smaller, it'd be too small.

I thought I'd pass that along to anyone else trying to size a MLB Majestic shirt for a girl like I was!

You can comment on this here:http://womensbaseballshirt.blogspot.com/