Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Have Water in My Ear

and it is all that I can think about. To the exclusion of blogging.

No, seriously. I got it from showering at CJ's house over the second days of Passover. There was a particularly high-pressure shower, and I can't seem to get it out. I feel about water-removal techniques the same way that I do about hiccup remedies: that they were created for the amusement of those around the sufferer, not to actually help the sufferer. To wit: jumping on one foot and shaking your head to the side. I was doing this for so long, and with such vigor that CJ began to sing "What is love," a la Night at the Roxbury.

Skip to about 3:08

Other remedies:
-laying on my side for extended periods of time
-hydrogen peroxide applied with eye-dropper (this makes a great fssssssssssh noise really loud in your ear)
-more vigorous head-shaking
-yawning a lot

Anyone have a better idea? Or know where to purchase a "swimmer's ear" kit? Seriously, this is getting silly.


Aunt L. said...

Annie said...

Thanks! I will go buy some at lunch.

Mel Balsamo said...

Have you tried eating gum? It works you know. It helps remove air pressure to when you're on a plane. Man, I remember watching that film. Will Farrel looks so young in that movie. I remember humming that song for like a week!

Mel Balsamo