Friday, April 13, 2007

The True Love of My Life

WashPo. For serious, though. I was musing about this on the way to work this morning, so I'd like to list out some of WashPo's good qualities, in no particular order:

-huge sunday comics page(s) that is/are inclusive rather than exclusive.

-Judith Martin, Carolyn Hax, and the awful Amy Dickenson (I love to be haughtily dismissive, and Amy gives me an excuse almost every day)

-the bridge column. Every day. Now that's a classy feature.


-the Style section

and it's this last one that is currently the object of my affection. You see, I love politics. And I love pretty clothing. WashPo knows this about me, and caters to my love with an entire section that they call "Style." A year or two ago there was a piece about how Condi Rice wore a skirt suit with black, high-heeled boots when she spoke to our troops in Afghanistan/Iraq/other abroad location. It wasn't accusatory, or the same stale stock piece about how powerful women used to wear boxy suits with those scarf-ties, but now they can look pretty. No, no, this piece deconstructed what it meant for a powerful, single woman of color to dress in a "sexy" way. Last week there was a piece on Nancy Pelosi's accessories, and how she used classy scarves to cover her hair during a Mideast trip.

The dreaded scarf-tie, bane of middle-aged career women everywhere

Now I realize that these are both women, and that some people might take offense to a paper of record talking about powerful women's clothing (and not that of men), but women are judged on the way that they dress, why not talk about it? Deconstruct it, if you will. As Ben Franklin said: "dress to suit others, eat to suit yourself." Although, for the record, now that weight is an accessory, in a way we eat to suit others, but that is another discussion for another time.

Thank you, WashPo for letting me read about Laura Bush's suits/dresses, Condi's Boots, and Pelosi's scarves. My only request is that you talk a bit more about that hottie Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her lace scarf-tie is really heating things up in the judicial chambers of my heart.

Stone cold fox of our legal system RBG

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