Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Do I Vote?

I am not from New York. The place where I call home is probably the antithesis of New York. I won't tell you too much more about it except that yesterday I recieved my absentee ballot in the mail. Accompanying it was a letter from the (much beleagured) democratic party telling me HOW TO VOTE. The ballot itself contained the explaination of the voting process, but this pamphlet told me whom I should vote for in my specific races, why I should vote for them (nothing negative about the other candidate) and how I should vote on the referendums given to me.

I've actually never voted in person, having moved out of state for college, and have yet to return (I think that they need my vote), but I happen to know that when you go into a voting booth in my home state there are two people standing at the entrance, each offering you a voting guide, one for each party. I kind of like the idea, someone telling you how to vote in line with your ideology, and more importantly your party. The question then becomes, how should I vote as a Jew?

Thank G-d for How Orthodox Jews Should Vote. Before the blog world starts yelling at me, I am actually fascinated by this idea, that candidates should be analyzed on a religious basis, not just as "good for the Jews" but by how they fall in line with Jewish principles. I have only one suggestion for the author: that the posts be organized by state, and not name of candidates.

If you aren't Orthodox, or that blog isn't your flavor don't despair. Lots of other bloggers will give you the information that you need to make a decision/make the decision for you. For instance, A Town Crier provides headlines of interest to Jews that include, but are not limited to politics. Similarly Israpundit gives a live feed of news about Israel. Both of these sites have a bias* but at least in the case of Israpundit it is pretty obvious. Across the top of the page is a banner, reading: "THERE IS ONLY A MILITARY SOLUTION."

If you want to know more specifically how you should feel, Jewschool is a self-identified radical blog. My favorite, though, is the link on Dov Bear's site to posts on The Idiot President. Of course, no political opinion would be complete without a cartoon.

So everyone start reading, and happy voting!

*Full Disclaimer: I think that EVERYONE has a bias, and that that is ok. It is the responsibility of the consumer to look for it, and to analyze the information, but that people/organizations who state their bias make that much easier.


Avromi said...

I agree with you. Eventually it will be done by state. I am extremely busy due to the holidays.

thanks for the link and plug and send me info if you have please or comments.

thanks again

The Town Crier said...

thanks for the props.
Is my bias that subtle?