Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jewish Media

As the new year fast approaches, we shouldn't forget that things are still going on in the world. In honor of that thought I've brought to you the headline stories (as best I could tell) from several major Jewish news outlets. These are not a part of the "Global Jewish Media Conspiracy." Instead they are specifically Jewish media. Blogs that exist to bring Jewish news to Jews that news. Or something.

According to JTA, in the year 5767: It's the Youth, Stupid. In a move suprising to no one, a "mainstream" Jewish outlet, sick of the doom and gloom stories and in desperate need for a puff piece, has decided to return to that old standby: Jewish continuity. Will Jews continue? We don't know because we never talk to our children/grandchildren/younger siblings/those annoying bloggers.

The self-proclaimed cover story of Jewsweek is a culture piece. It appears to be about the Hebrew Hammer kicking Mel Gibson's ass. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Hebrew Hammer is imaginary, and Mel Gibson, sadly, is not. I know that they are describing a movie possibility, but I think that there are some serious liability issues involved there, not to mention the difficulty of finding a Mel Gibson look-alike.

In fairness to Daily Jews, Friday's feature is supposed to be "Arts." It is unclear to me when Henry Winkler dressed as Captain Hook became an art. Also, I apologize for the terrible link (presumably only good until sundown on Friday), but there was no specific post to which I could link.

The fact that I could only find one article that was about Jews in the midst of the Thai Coup (yeah, it sounds funny) could either be due to my faulty googling or the fact that very few Jews live in Asia. Either way, that picture is probably not of Chabad rabbis taking in Israelis. If it is, the Bangkok Chabad has done some awesome proselytizing.

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