Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am Magic

Recently I have started noticing a few strange concidences. Things that I read in the newspaper happen. Not in the past, obviously they happened or they wouldn't be in the paper, but in my orbit.

For instance, yesterday on the subway I was reading about the strike by Fireman Hospitality Group on my way to work. On the way home, walking to the subway station I walked right by this protest. Fine, I work in midtown, so it isn't so unusual. I wouldn't think so either, until THIS happened:

This morning I read Metro NY, as I do every day, and there was an article about the decline of crime in the subways. Basically the police have been stopping crime through "good deployment" of officers. Terrific. However, this morning, at my exit station, I saw a police officer cuffing an agressive man and taking him away. I've never seen anyone arrested before in my life.

There are only two options for what is going on:
1) I am magic, and things I read in the paper come true.
2) The city is trying to convince me not to take a job in DC, and so is showing me all it has to offer.

I tend to believe the first, but I am open to being convinced otherwise.

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