Friday, September 22, 2006

Music by Jews that I am obsessed with

Top 10 Jewish Artists that I am listening to right now:

1.Regina Spektor especially the video for Fidelity.

2. David Broza

3. Pharaoh's Daughter if only because I have a slight crush on Daphna Mor. Hey, I have a redhead thing.

4. Sufjan Stevens--ok, he isn't Jewish, but he has a cool name, and Chicago is heartbreakingly beautiful.

5. Golem, although I'm not sure if I actually love them, or just want to.

6. Rav Shmuel and Y-Love are tied for this position. I like them about equally both for their music as well as their background stories.

7.Idan Reichel who is amazing, regardless of whether or not you understand what is being said. As I don't speak Amharic I only get about half of the songs anyway, but I really appreciate that the Hebrew is clearly enunciated and fairly simple. Boi (translated as Come On)is another song that breaks my heart. Specifically the lyrics: "don't ask me when, don't ask me about happiness, just let it come, and when it comes it will fall down on us like rain."

8.Evan and Jaron who are making a comeback. Really, they are. Also, I like to support cutie Orthodox boys.

9.Ethnix, but I've only really heard Tutim.

10. And last, but definitely not least is Divahn.

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