Friday, September 22, 2006

Shana Tova from the J-Blogosphere

Traditionally the Jewish new year is a time for reflection, this seems to be echoed somewhat by Jewish bloggers.

Sem Girl, a religious blogger, wishes all her readers a happy new year, asks their forgiveness for any insult (another traditional component of Jewish new year observance) and reminds them that behind each keystroke is a living, breathing human being. Will 5767 be the beginning of a kinder, gentler new blogosphere? Semgirl hopes so. Along those same lines, Rabbi Josh Yuter asks forgiveness both as a person, and as a blogger for any harm he may have caused in the past year.

Not Chosen, however, chose to use his Shana Tova post as an opportunity to compare Jewish and secular New Years' rituals. He missed my favorite though, the traditional happy-new-year-smack-on-the-ass. What, you mean that your family doesn't do that? Um...

Moving right along, Jewlicious kept it short and sweet. Literally. By wishing us a sweet New Year and posting a lovely image of dawn in Israel. Similarly, Jewschool posted an image bearing only the words Shana Tova.

Expanding on the same idea, Esther Kustanowitz brought us battle of the bands, Rosh Hashana style. I'm not sure which of those videos will cause my brain to leak out of my ears first, but the Aish guy is actually not half bad as a rapper.

Apparently posting R"H-themed images is the way to go, so I'll leave you with:

Poached from Aish.


Anonymous said...

I just saw this. I had no idea there was a traditional slap on the ass. Maybe Rosh Hashanah is cooler than I made it out to be!

AnnieGetYour said...

Clearly you've been missing out. Want to join me for Yom Kippur? :)