Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Best Line in a TV Show RE: Judaism

30 Rock
Agent: Josh is looking for a 15 percent raise, and time off for every Jewish holiday, no matter how ridiculous.
Josh: Yeah, yaznacht is coming up.

As someone who is looking at no vacation for the next year (12 weekdays of Chag!) that resonates pretty strongly. Hooray yaznacht!

And then later:
Jack: Josh can stay, but no raise, no movies, and only one Jewish holiday. What's the one where they go into the tent?
Agent: Sukkot.
Jack: Ok. That one.


Leah said...

There was a great exchange on Boston Legal between William Shatner's character, his jewish girlfriend, her rabbi and her rabbi's lawyer.

Harry said...

I'm all about the "You've got no ruach," "I've got tons of ruach" exchange on Weeds.

Sholom said...

When I was in the Army, I requested a four-day pass to celebrate "the traditional Jewish holiday of Kreplach".

Tom Burger said...

I like the John Stewart story:

"A woman recognizes me on the street and asks what I'm, doing for Pass [Passover] and I reply: 'uh...nothing'.

Oh, the look I got.