Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On Parental Supervision

Older Brother: Did you know that Dad reads your blog?
Annie: Um, no. Why, did he comment? I know that Aunt L. reads the blog. What did he say to you?
OB: He commented to me on the [public transport] today about your post on Russian novels. He said he commented once signing as "Annie's Dad," but you didn't seem to read it.
Annie: I saw it, I just didn't know what to say other than "ew, Dad, really? checking out Scarlett Johannsen?"
OB: Ah. Well, just thought you should know that you're almost as heavily scrutinized as a blogger for John Edwards.

This explains so much about my family dynamic. Also my baby brother is thinking of rushing the fraternity Phi Kappa Tau. Anyone know anything about this fraternity? I've never heard of it.


Dash said...

My dad read Yesterday's Salad once and decided that it was probably better he not. He read a post about the Wire and became convinced I was going to run off and sling crack rock with a scallywag crew.

I hate to see what would happen if he read the comments.

michael said...

Both of my parents read Kosher its previous incarnation, there was no mention of any, ahem, untoward activities, mostly for that reason...but this time around, I've decided that by the time you're in your twenties and live on your own, your relationship with your parents is settled enough that they'll probably still love you even if you, say, make a webcomic about your wacky drug-fueled misadventures. Hell, they might become its biggest fans.

Not Chosen said...

By the way, I loved the post on Russian Novel(s). I'm ordering the Margarita one thanks to your post.