Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Guilty Pleasures

With Harley out of action (again!) I figured that it was time for some soul-baring, and maybe to troll/trawl(?) for some extra web traffic.

1. Trashy Romance Novels- but only the historical ones. My favorite author is a Harvard grad, so it can't be that bad... right?
2. Best of Craigslist- I spent many a happy hour reading this and avoiding my thesis
3. Celebrity Gossip- The Superficial, Gawker, Go Fug Yourself, I love them all.
4. Dishalicious- Stephanie Greenberg's blog is strangely addictive.
5. Awful TV- Grey's Anatomy, Celebrity Fit Club, and the Food Network (with the exception of Alton Brown, who makes me crazy)
6. Googling My Own Name- which is sadly very common. Do you know how many Annie Smiths are out there? No, but really, could my parents have given me a WASP-ier name? Probably not. Although there was a kid in my high school whose name was, and this is no joke, Hunter Peacock. Which I googled, just to make sure that you cannot extrapolate my high school from that information. You can't.
7. European Music Videos- The best of these are Moskau, Tra-La-La, and Call on Me. The roommate and I spent a huge amount of time watching these in college.
8. Obscure Military Facts- Ok, so most people actually know this about me already, but I love them. My favorite is about Project Habakkuk in WWII. The British tried to make aircraft carriers out of ice. Sadly the project was too expensive and was thus cancelled.
9. Wussy Chicky Music- Although I'd define it a bit differently than ibiteyoureyes. I love to listen to songs that will make me cry. This includes, but is not limited to: Country, anything by Joshua Radin, and Chicago by Sufjan Stevens.
10. Dirty Jokes- if you have a good one, let me know. Although I'd like to add the warning that I don't like them scatalogical, pedophilic, or in poor taste (ie Holocaust jokes). Otherwise, send them my way, and I will use them to torture CJ ad nauseum. I actually have a very lame joke collection (of about three), and I assume that everyone has already heard them, so I've ruined them all for CJ by referencing the punch-lines before telling the joke. As such I need to replenish my stable.


The Pedant said...

Foreign music videos you clearly omitted out of forgetfulness:

TISM's "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" (Australia)

Alcazar- "Menage a Trois" (Scandinavia somewhere)

Dash Hammerskjold said...

you know, I used to know a girl at Barnard who was similarly in love with project habakkuk. she also loved the idea of nuclear powered cargo ships. maybe your blog should also start advocating them.

if sufjan counts as wussy chicky music than ibiteyoureyes isn't the only person at the Salad who listens to a lot of it. he is without doubt the most jew friendly christian rocker.

Anonymous said...

I love trashy romance novels! I think I've heard about your author, but would you mind sharing? Thanks.

sarah said...

my favorite video is moskau, and justin's is call on me. for what it's worth.

Annie said...

Pedant- thanks, I was also trying to find that version of "total ecllipse of the heart" where they bang on appliances.

Dash- funny that. It is amazing what you can find when you wander around on wikipedia. I'll do some research and see what I can do about nuclear powered cargo ships. Sufjan isn't only wussy chicky music, some of it is pretty alternative, but the ballads can be described as nothing else.

Anon- Susan Wiggs went to Harvard, but there is a younger author also, with a J-name (and I can't remember it right now) who wrote her first novel within a year of graduation.

Sarah- awesome. I endorse the watching of silly European music videos.

Stephanie Green said...

Heh. Thanks. I get that a lot—strange and addictive.

The Pedant said...

Ask and ye shall receive. In all its pants-dropping, refrigerator-banging glory.