Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jews Love: Italians, Pt II

Or maybe this should be called "Italians Love: Other Italians."

Mostly because of this news item (thanks again WashPo): The Italian Prime Minister made the following comment at a party "If I weren't married, I'd marry you ." His wife was a bit miffed, and so printed an angry letter in a left-leaning newspaper. This prompted a VERY public apology on the part of the Prime Minister to the effect of "Sorry baby, I didn't mean it, you know I love you."

What makes this better? He's 70. His wife is 50. Now, there has recently been a lot in the news about older statesmen making untoward advances to younger women (ahem Katsav and Ramon), and this is in no way to denigrate the seriousness of these offenses, or to ignore the fact that these women were seriously victimized by men whom they should have been able to trust. BUT I kind of think the story is cute, and seems specifically Italian.

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