Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On delinquency

Sorry for the recent lack of posting. Monday and Tuesday were filled with data entry that was stultifying in its boredom. Also Harley was away, using some of her vacation time, so the motivation was just not there.

And then this morning I woke up at approximately 6:45am with the intense need to be ill. Being the kind and considerate girlfriend that I am, I immediately informed CJ that "I am sick" and proceeding to ask him if he could possibly take the day off to rub my back. Understandably he declined. Clearly he was filled with remorse for denying my (entirely reasonable) request, and so sent me flowers and chicken soup. If you want to hear the saga of the chicken soup, please direct your attention to Harley's previous post.

I would just like to point out, as someone who has recently ordered things online (flowers for CJ's mom upon the occasion of my visit), the issue is not non-delivery, or late delivery, the issue is the honesty of the proprietors. Would it be so difficult to mention, upon ordering, that there would be a backup, or that small orders to distant locations are not given priority? Or to call back and say 'hey, sorry, this is taking longer than expected?' Also, how do they think that they get corporate orders? Someone ordered from the location, liked it, liked the service, and then decided to continue patronizing the place. Needless to say, I also will not be ordering from SFFR in the future.

Tomorrow I will put together a post on how "Jews Love: Vacations." Any suggestions/comments on things that should be included (tentatively the categories include Passover/Holidays, Israel, and Honeymoons) should email me at


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jews Love Vacations:

Vacations in Israel
Pesach in Israel
Honeymoons in Israel
Extreme Paintball in Israel
Religious Experience Vacations in Israel
Lounging at the beach in Israel
and finally...

Waffle Breakfast Vacation at the Israel

JT said...

Welcome back guys!
Hope you feel better soon Annie.

Annie said...


JT- thanks. I feel much better today, due to the restorative powers of chicken soup, and CJ's love. Hopefully LT is also fully recovered.