Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jews Love: Hanging out with Non-Jews

I know I do. And clearly Harley does (ahem, Prettyboy). So I have anecdotally proven my point. Many researchers would be content to rest on their laurels at this point, but not me, so I'll give a few examples:

Jews love to write blogs with non-Jews:
Isn't that a cute concept? There is my personal favorite (due to my aforementioned crush on Michael), KosherEucharist, but Michael and Chris are by no means the only ones to jump on this bandwagon. The blog An Irish and A Jew is written by two women, you guessed it, one is Irish, and one Jewish! Although, for the record, I do actually enjoy reading their blog. My only qualm is that they both post under the name "Irish and Jew" and I'd prefer to at least have a fake name by which to call each of them.

Jews love to date non-Jews:
But fortunately, as Not Chosen has demonstrated in his recent ode to JAPs, the feeling is mutual. Seriously, though, intermarriage, and interdating are a major issue in the Jewish community today, as shown by Jewcy's latest conversation, and a recently posted article by Laurel Snyder. This trend is so pervasive that an entire site (HalfJew) exists just to cater to this niche. Ahuva of AnotherBT no longer dates non-Jews, but her sister does, and so she is trying to deal with the idea of "this is right for you, but not for me" without being judgemental. Good luck, as that is a hard row to hoe. David, of Inside the mind of David has cited some common arguments both against interdating, and against casual touch, and he explains why he agrees/doesn't agree with each.

One thing that Jews are conflicted about doing with non-Jews? Going to school. There is a huge value in a Jewish education (generally provided by a private school), but it is a) expensive, and b) provides a homogenous environment both religiously, and also generally socio-economically. Not that it is immediately relevant, but I am constantly changing my mind about whether or not to send my kids to Jewish Day School, and if so, for how long. Clearly I need a new hobby.


michael said...

Oh Annie, you minx you, how you delicately pluck the heartstrings...or the ego strings, perhaps, I have trouble telling them apart anymore. But really, if the Jewish blogosphere was an elementary school, and it pretty much is, Kosher Eucharist would spend every class pulling Jewbiquitous' pigtails because it can't otherwise express its feelings.

Also, we didn't jump on the bandwagon. We're OG. Kosher Eucharist started in 2004! We are the original Jew/Catholic profanity-laden social/religious/cultural commentary/webcomic blog. And I stand by that claim.

Annie said...

Michael- sorry, I didn't realize that your blog was a re-launch. And I don't think that "An Irish and A Jew" has a webcomic.

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to the next installment of the manishewitz wager.

Irish and Jew said...

Woah Michael settle down... trust me Jew and I were sooo not trying to step on your turf. And no, we don't have a webcomic but since we're competetive bitches maybe we will start one ;)