Thursday, November 30, 2006

All Kinds of Awkward

In the last 18 hours or so, I have experienced two distinct types of awkard interaction.

Type 1: Ex-boyfriend awkward
To demonstrate the situation, I have made the following drawing. I am the pink girl, the roommate, is the red girl, boy 1 is blue, and boy 2 is green.

Clear? Good. So we are all on the subway together this morning. For the record, boy 1 lives on the East side, and boy 2 lives in Riverdale, so neither of them really should have been getting on the train at my subway stop. Anyway, so I dated boy 1 fairly casually, and we remain good friends. No problem. But then boy 2 gets on the subway. I dated boy 2 more seriously, we obviously broke up, and he got married over the summer, and I haven't really seen him since. Or called. Because I am awkward, and thought that I didn't have his number (I did). So in trying to ameliorate the awkwardness I tried to talk to everyone. That did not work out so well. And then I bullied boy 2 into giving me his phone number so that I can come meet his wife, only to find out that I already had it. Way to go Annie!

Type 2: 10 years gone awkward
Last night I met up for dinner with a guy that I haven't seen since I was in 7th grade at a summer camp. He now works for a fortune 500 company making more money than me by an order of magnitude. Awesome. Now, I could either have put in some serious effort and made conversation, or, since he is a nerd, I could just let the conversation founder. I did the latter, as I was exhausted from work/life.

Really, I promise that I have social skills.


sherbert said...

this reminds me of the time I googled and emailed my 7th grade camp boyfriend and we met for coffee. And that was awkward.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, are you going to call Boy 2 now that you have his number?

Also, Boy 2 looks like he is holding hands with the roommate in the picture. Now that would have been awkward!

AnnieGetYour said...

JT- I text messaged him. He asked if I was dating boy 1.

And no one was holding hands, although I was close enough to boy 1 that had the situation been different it would be considered "make out" distance.

Yo, Yenta said...

Annie, nerds with money are still nerds. If he couldn't sustain his side of the conversation, there'd be no point pursuing him as you'd only end up in a really nice apartment admiring your expensive manicure while he played XBox or Warcraft all night or whatever it is nerds do these days. Never making excuses for not feeling social - it's not you, it's the people you're with ;)

I've added your link to my site; love your blog, lady.

AnnieGetYour said...

Yenta- I am in no way interested in awkward #2. He is not only awkward, but also unattractive.

Also, update to all: the roommate emailed me to let me know that her head is "not that big."

Anonymous said...

Hee. Are the heights to scale?

Anonymous said...

Awkward #2 sounds painful! Nerd AND unattractive is such a not good combination. I wouldn't say yours are the social skills that are lacking but rather his!

Being social can be so exhausting!

AnnieGetYour said...

CJ (not the one from my blog)- the heights are not to scale. I am taller than the roommate. Although she and Boy #2 are probably about the same height.

Jessica- I totally agree, being social is exhausting. Like right now? Exhausted.