Monday, November 13, 2006

Jews Love: The West Wing

Or at least those Jews that live in my apartment.

Let's start with the obvious fact that Josiah Bartlett is a democrat. We know that Jews Love: Democrats. Then there is the fact that the Deputy Chief of Staff is Josh Lyman (a yid in the show, the actor who plays him, Bradley Whitford, could not be WASP-ier).

Neither the impossibly beautiful Rob Lowe, nor his character Sam Seaborn are Jewish, but he went to Princeton, wants to save the world, and is a speechwriter. I dunno, seems a bit Jewy to me. Whereas Toby Ziegler may not be specifically Jewish, but c'mon, Toby Ziegler? He even grew up in Brighton Beach. Seriously.

The brains behind the show? Aaron Sorkin. That's right, a Jew. Which again might be a cliche, you know, Jews in television and all of that, but still.

Also, every Jew that I know loves the show. Every one. I challenge you to find me a Jewish person who does not enjoy the West Wing.

In conclusion, I want to marry Rob Lowe.


WW Fan said...

Toby is Jewish. There have been multiple references to his religion over the 7 seasons. The most obvious reference that comes to mind is "Take This Sabbath Day" from the first season. Toby is shown going to Temple and he talks to his Rabbi with the Hazzan singing in the background, "She's my communications director"

WW Fan said...

In studio 60 Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) is also a Jew. In the past episode he makes a reference to his religion requiring men to wear a yarmulke, but he doesn't expect the cast of CSI: Miami to follow that.

Harry said...

Even before the "Take This Sabbath Day" episode, Zeigler takes a few Christian Coalition types to school for being anti-Semitic. JEW!

rokhl said...

you want to marry Rob Lowe? Sorry, but eewwww. Did you grow up in the NY area? The reason Lowe hasn't had much of a career in between now and his brat pack days is his star turn in a homemade video in the late 80s featuring him, a couple of lady friends, and some very tasteless references to the recent murder of a young Jewish woman, Jennifer Levin. In any case, I'm not much of a fan of pretty boys. I'll take an Adrian Brody any day over Mr. Lowe. Now if Adrian Brody had a beard... Oh yeah, I'm jewish and I don't like the West Wing.

EV said...

I'm Jewish and liberal and I find the West Wing to be pompous, sanctimonious and treacly -- a wheeze-inducing combination very typical of Mr. Sorkin.

Rokhl -- Brody's a pretty boy. Come on.

Those who want a Jewey Rob Lowe could try a Robert Downey Jr. -- Jew, smart, funny, with yichus (his dad did "Putney Swope," people!!!)

rokhl said...

Oh big yum, Robert Downey Jr. A delicious crush I can share with my mom. Who knew??

Is Adrian Brody a pretty boy?? Hmm. I stand by my anti-pretty boy position, despite my RDJr and AB crushes. In fact, I'm having a bit of a Harold Ramis moment lately, howabout that?

EV said...

Depends on whether Mom gets off on patrilineals. I sure do, but that's just me: culture trumps halachah always.

As for Brody: The eyebrows.

AnnieGetYour said...

Rokhl- You are correct, I don't really want to marry Rob Lowe. I want to marry some amalgamation of him and Sam Seaborn.

EV- Culture always trumps halakha? I don't know that I'd go THAT far, but I would rather date someone who is proud and involved Jewishly than someone who is frum and self-hating.

madison said...

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