Monday, November 06, 2006

Know Your Jewish Community: Xenophobia

5 frum Brooklyn teenagers stand accused of viciously beating a Pakistani man.

This story was posted by: Chapetzim under the title Hate Crime Charges Filed Against Five Jewish Teenagers in Brooklyn, Adam Lawson of Modern Tribalist, Lonkd at, and Vos Iz Neis under the title Brooklyn Teens involved in hate crime arrested.

Jew90 posted the story, and added the comment that" Something tells me that if the ethnicity and/or the religion of the victim and his attackers was switched certain weblogs would be going into apopleptic meltdown and citing various 'clash of civilisation' doomsayers and declaring it another front of a global jihad." Instead, as Dovbear reports, there are a group of apologists within the Jewish community. Orthomom reports on these apologists in even greater detail, calling them "sick. Truly, truly, sick." MinorFastDays, who considers this act a chillul hashem,* wants these boys to be charged "to the fullest extent of the law."

Dovbear and ATownCrier are both surprised by the fact that Yeshiva boys could attack anyone. ATowncrier goes so far as to ask what Yeshiva kids are doing with brass knuckles. On a slight variation of that, Rabbi Andy Bachman points out that these are all "kids" below the age of 18, and so their community must bear some responsibility for their actions. Shmarya at Failed Messiah also talks about community responsibility, exhorting his readers that "Midwood was the home-base for Rabbi Meir Kahane's US operation. Kahane's yartzeit is fast approaching. His followers were and are drawn heavily from both the Modern Orthodox and haredi communities. You do the math."

Last, but not least, Cole of Jewschool and JVoices asks how should one respond to a hate crime?

It is at times like this that it seems to me that our shtetl** mentality of "they oppress us because we are better, we are the chosen people" has worked a little bit too well.

*Chillul Hashem is a desecration of G-d's name through the actions of Jew who can be identified as Jewish.
**Shtetl literally means a ghetto in Yiddish.

Update 11.7.06: a Yiddish-speaking friend has just corrected me on the following: Shtetl means small town (town denoting a place with a market square, as opposed to a village, which has none), not ghetto. “Geto” means ghetto in Yiddish.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the morality of it for a moment. Anyone who defends these kids is insane strategically. How many Muslims are there in the world compared to how many Jews? This path is certain death.

Y-Love said...

As I stated on Jewschool, this is an incident whose details are summarily impossible to fully derive from the media reports -- especially the mainstream secular media.

The 5 arrested were not those who did the beating. Which makes me ask, for the good of klal Yisra'el, "why aren't they snitching"?

The Town Crier said...


Sholom said...

Yitz, they aren't snitching because of the Frum taboo against Mesira. Anyway, the only thing that snitching would cause is punitive repercussion by forces of the state, which never works. The underlying root cause needs to be taken into account. That is, the racist ideology that Frum children are exposed to in the home, in Shul, and in Cheder.

danny1961 said...

Hey, did anyone asked the kids themselves? Presumably, frums don't beat every Muslim they find on the street. And what is that "beating" exactly? Also read Shoher's Kahane Tzadak, But at