Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jews Love: New York

Or at least I do. After the election results in my home state (Virginia, for the three of you who don't know) I am officially changing my residence to New York. I voted for two candidates, one won, one lost, (but lost respectably), and against the gay marriage constitutional change.

In 2000 I joked that if Bush II won, that I'd move to Mexico. Clearly that didn't happen. I am, however, as of tomorrow (or next week) officially going to become a resident of New York.

As for what other people are saying?

Before the election:
addresses the fact that in NJ the gay-marriage issue isn't "scaring up votes like it used to."
Apparently there is a group called "people of faith for equality" in Virginia. I wish that I had known. Equality Loudon exhorted people of faith to vote against the gay marriage ban. I can't find a quote for it, but apparently Kinky Friedman stated that he supports gay marriage so that they can be "as miserable as the rest of us."

After the election:
Jonchiz67, like me, is disappointed that Virginia passed the gay marriage ban, and comments on the likely event of a recount in our senatorial race.

There are so many issues with the language of the gay marriage amendment, even when you put aside the issue of inequality. First of all, it makes domestic violence cases more difficult to prosecute where the partners are unmarried, secondly it forces heterosexuals to get married instead of cohabitating, if they wish the benefits of marriage, and third, it strips the rights from those who already have them.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hi Annie and Harley -

I have added your blog to my blogroll, and I'm sorry for the delay...

What do I have to do to get upgraded from the "read regularly" category, to "read religiously?"


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Benjamin J. Cooper said...

Regarding VA Constitutional Amendment #1 (on same-sex marriage):

First, that whole domestic battery argument is too literal. I think that punishing domestic battery is included in the benefits of marriage about as much as prohibiting guns in schools and post offices is a benefit of being a teacher or a postal worker. The law punishes people who abuse interpersonal relationships, not rewards relationships themselves.

Anyone who argues otherwise is being A) too literal and B) callous to the suffering of other human beings.

Second, I am personally against rewarding people for shacking up. The reason for partner benefits is that there's the implication of legal permanence in gay couples. If you extend that theory to all couples, you destroy marriage.

I am also against no-fault divorce (and, BTW, NY is a fault divorce state), but that's for another time.

Aunt L. said...

Actually, the amendment is so poorly drafted that it is difficult to figure out what, if anything, it will do other than prohibit the legislature from enacting a gay marriage or civil union statute, or having a state court say that gay marriage is legal. I think it's really a Full Employment for Lawyers Act, as families who are annoyed by their relatives' personal arrangements (wills, powers of attorney, advance directives), gay or straight, try to take them on via the new amendment. And, although I voted against the amendment, I am not really opposed to full employment for lawyers. ;-)