Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not a Sermon...

Just a thought.

Ok, that was funny if you are from the DC Metro area/know who Lon Solomon is.

Anyway, two things:

1) Apparently I am not the only person who wishes that Rob Lowe were Jewish. A number of people have found this blog by googling the terms: "Rob" "Lowe" and "Jew/ish." Sadly, he is still not a member of the tribe.

2)I went to Kol Zimrah on Friday night. It really isn't my scene, but that wasn't such an issue, I went in knowing that it would have a guitar, egal services, and lots of singing. I was actually in the mood for a good, sing-y version of Kabbalat Shabbat. Sadly, although there was singing, I had a couple of issues:
a) The guitar was out of tune. It nearly killed me.
b) All songs were started too high, and it was really hard to sing along.
c) Those leading not only had fair-poor voices (which can usually be made up for with enthusiasm), but were also seemingly unclear on the nusach*.

And then on the way home I was cat-called more than I have ever been in my life. To be fair this is not KZ's fault. However, it does make me wonder. What about a knee-length skirt and modest top yells "please proposition me?"

*Nusach are the traditional melodies for prayers, which vary by geographic region, and also by whether the service takes place on a holiday, weekday, or shabbat.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly I've found that once you get away from a trained hazzan too many people have no clue nusach is even an issue let alone what is the correct nusach.

Anonymous said...

Aren't cat calls compliments?

BZ said...

The style of the service at KZ tends to vary widely depending on who is leading. As in any volunteer-led community, there is always a tension between making sure things are done a particular way and making sure that leadership is spread around the community. Come back next time, and I promise the guitar will be in tune and the nusach will be correct.

AnnieGetYour said...

Anon #1- I agree, but I am not such a stickler for nusach usually. I don't care if they use weekday nusach on shabbes, or vice versa, as long as it is a recognizeable tune.

Anon #2- of course. I was duly flattered by the notice.

BZ- As I said to anon #1, the nusach wasn't the issue so much as the lack of a recognizeable tune, and the fact that the songs were started too high. Add to that the fact that KZ isn't so much my scene... well, I don't know if I'm going to try again.

the BFG said...

Note: the following comment is in no way meant to degrade Ms. Annie...'s attractiveness.

I have noticed that after KZ services, many members wander the streets aimlessly, practicing their sacred songs and holy tunes to be better prepared for their next meeting. The best renditions of these singers sound like cat calls, while the average to worst sound like cats dying.

Perhaps you mistook their rehearsal for the calls of ignoble horndogs?

AnnieGetYour said...

BFG- that would be a hilarious mistake. But no, as I left early, I am pretty sure that I did not mistake "hey baby, want to come back to my place" for "nai nai nai nai."

BZ said...