Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hot Jews in the News

In publishing there are two new Gawker employees, and while I am not certain, I am pretty sure that Doree Shafrir is Jewish, probably even Israeli.

In Europe, the new Miss France, and now Miss Europe is a member of the tribe named Alexandra Rosenfeld.

In porn, Cindy Margolis, the woman who once claimed to be "the most downloaded woman on the internet" is now the most naked woman in playboy. I couldn't find a SFW image/link for that. So, sorry. Although, for the record, she did marry a nice Jewish doctor.

Speaking of marriage, my father and I have brokered the following deal:
If he can find three potential boyfriends for me in the surrounding area, I will come home for grad school. I tend to think that it is an impossible task, but this allows my father to engage in his two favorite activities: finding people with whom to set me up, and internet searching. I am such a good daughter.


Anonymous said...

Both new gawker editors seem Jewish.

BZ said...

"Most naked"?

AnnieGetYour said...

BZ- yeah, my failed attempt at parallel structure.

not chosen said...

Belated comment: The Gawker editors are definitely Jewish, but they're not hot. Of course, I'm a bit biased. Still. Little girls.