Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jewbiquitous Outing: Bluegrass in Brooklyn

Why were we in Brooklyn on a weeknight? Well Harley lives there, for one. At any rate, someone knew someone that was performing at Laila Lounge in their monthly Bluegrass Tuesday. As you may know, I claim some Southern heritage (or at least relatives), and I unironically love Country music, so this sounded like a good idea.

At least CJ thought so. CJ is new to the city, and all about "doing things." I've been here a little longer, and had had a long day (not enough sleep, crappy day at work, and a bereavement counseling session with a group. Mmmm I love me some public discussions of feelings. Not.) and just really wasn't up to going out. However, I had cancelled our plans the night before, and knew that he wouldn't go if I didn't, so off to Brooklyn I trudged. I am a good girlfriend.

The music was good. Not awesome, but the "band" doesn't really practice together, so it was something of a mix between a bluegrass jam session and a performance. The female vocalist was absolutely fabulous, has a smoky voice and a powerful range that really gave me shivers. As for the rest of the group: the mandolin player had, as CJ said, "some licks," the guitarist and violinist were each terrific, but with serviceable (if not amazing) voices, and the bass player was consistently confused. Which was amusing. At one point the female vocalist was signalling to him with her hand what chords he should be playing. Awesome.

At any rate, it was a good time. Harley and Prettyboy were there, Prettyboy demonstrated his ability to drink a huge amount of alcohol and still be reasonably sober. Or at least not trashed.

Sadly it takes about an hour to get back to the UWS from Williambsurg when you are travelling late at night. So I got home at about 12:45am. My bedtime is 11:00pm. Awakeness factor today? Low to moderate. Hopefully nothing important will happen.

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Amishav said...

Bluegrass? I love the stuff! But I still get weirded out when I hear dueling banjos- too many associations with Ned Beatty. (shudder)