Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whither art thou Scarlett?

The number #1 search term leading people to this blog? A googleimage search for Scarlett Johansson. Who, fyi, may not consider herself Jewish.

Other interesting tidbits:
Manatees we must have talked about this at some point, I just have no memory of it
Gil Landau
Garbage Collector salary in Israel
I have no idea how much that would be
Jewish Modesty ok, that one is obvious
Martyr's Complex Defined did we?
Bedikah Cloths ew. Really, we're not going to talk about what these are for
"end of the world clock"" is totally subjective
Olive Garden is not allowed to be your favorite restaurant if you live in NYC. Not if you wish to date me.


Benjamin said...

Manatee, sweet manatee...

Annie's Dad said...

Thanks for an excuse to do an image search for Scarlett Johansson.

Don't tell mom . . .

Gil Landau said...

I just goggled my name and like magic this appeared. I thought that was weird .... and this post was even weirder. Things that happen to my name.