Monday, March 26, 2007

Because I Can

Harley is out sick (again! stupid Jews with their lack of genetic diversity making us weak), so I am basically running amok. Amok amok amok.

Taking my lead from Jack, here are some songs that I've been listening to:
1) Carbon Leaf- obvi. the entire "Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat" CD, plus some additions from "Indian Summer" and "Echo, Echo."
2) Lucas Reynolds- "The Last Ocean," he needs a bit more polish, but I found this song beautiful and touching.
3) Regina Spektor- "Samson"

4) Feel Good Science- both "September" and "In My Dreams," you may recognize the latter from "My Super Proposal."

5) The Postal Service- "Such Great Heights"

6) Ben Folds- "Gracie Girl," which I heard (some of) recently when CJ called me from a Ben Folds concert so that I could hear the song live. It is possibly my favorite Ben Folds song.
7) HelloGoodbye- "Here in Your Arms," what can I say? I love me some techno. If I could find Eiffel65's "Blue" I'd actually purchase it.
8) Joe Purdy- "The City" but also "Suitcase." Neither of those are on his myspace page, which I think is a major oversight on his part.
9) Better than Ezra- basically all of their stuff, but especially "Desperately Wanting"
10) Brad Paisley- "Whiskey Lullabye," not only do I non-ironically love Country music, but this song actually had me bawling in my car the first time I heard it. I dare you to listen to it (while in an emotionally delicate place) and not burst in to tears. I double-dog-dare you. Although, for the record, the video is sort of gimmicky, and not at all the way I imagined the story.

The video makes it clear that it really IS her fault for cheating on him, whereas the song is more ambiguous, and leaves you to wonder whether or not she is at fault. How culpable is she if she just couldn't love him, and turned him down harshly? The deep questions that I ponder during the day.


Jack's Shack said...

What really threw me about Whiskey Lullaby was seeing Ricky Schroder. It is hard not to think of him as being a kid.

Anonymous said...

Great post but i think why the vid dosent seem right is cause for me the lyrics give the impression he shot himself cause of the cheating and so did the woman for cheating on him which i dont know about you but i find that so much more sad then they developed a drinking problem and diring from that.