Friday, March 30, 2007

Harley, if you want a wife...

Apparently you should be looking at Barnard/Columbia. There are plenty of girls looking to get their MRS degree.

For the record, my parents met in college and married shortly thereafter. I fully expected to meet my b'sheret* in college. That didn't work out, but then again, I didn't plan my campaign quite as thoroughly as "Regina." Clearly that is why I am still at MS/BA instead of MRS/MBA.

At any rate, while I try very hard not to judge other people's life choices, here are my critiques of the article:

1) A Barnard girl? Really? They couldn't have found some girl from Columbia? There are probably an even number of girls at both schools with the same idea, but it just reinforces the Barnard stereotype.

2) There was a great opportunity for discussion of the following topics, which I think that the Spectator really missed:
- the prohibitive cost of private colleges, and the sometimes unpalatable choices that one must make in order to pay off debts
- the work/life balance for women
- the myth of "opting out"
- the fact that "Regina" came from a single-parent home and was clearly very affected by it. She probably has unresolved "Mother" issues
- the value of a "designer" degree

3) I am pretty sure that Liz Delheim was not entirely serious

and, lastly,
4) The line "“I feel a little bad about the fact that like I’m taking a job at [the firm] just so I can get into business school and get a husband. I’m sure there are probably lots of girls who would have liked that job because they would like to do business crap,” she adds."
BUSINESS CRAP? Oh dear G-d. Also, her use of the word "like" makes her sound kind of like an idiot, like, no matter where her, like, degree came from.


Anonymous said...

The great irony is that Regina's intentions are going to be totally transparent to any potential suitor, and unless she is crazy hot, she won't be able to land a husband. I for one would tell her to get lost. I want a life partner who at 20 years old thought school was more important than getting married.

-The Rooster

Annie said...

I don't think that she'll have that much trouble. They mentioned in the article that she'd been dating a banker for a long time.

And maybe some guys like that, the idea that a girl has spent her whole life preparing to be his wife.