Monday, March 19, 2007

Jews Love: Cats

Me: That's it, I'm moving to England!
CJ: Why?
CJ: You know, the more time you spend indulging this crazy fetish [for toygers] the crazier you get.

As I may have mentioned before, I don't actually love cats. And with the exception of the graphic novel "The Rabbi's Cat" I have no information on other Jews loving cats. With the exception of one of my college roommates, who keeps adopting cats, despite being allergic to them.

However, after seeing this picture on Gawker, well, I knew that I had to investigate further into the seedy underbelly of the world of lolcats. From what I can tell, lolcats are pictures of cats in strange/funny positions with text superimposed over the top, providing a caption. A common form for this is "Im on UR----- doing -----." Example "Im in ur basketz, cuddlin ur bearz," accompanying a picture of a cat in a basket, cuddling with a bear. For whatever reason, these crack me up.

The definitive one appears to be, which is sadly under construction. There are some others though:

-I Can Has Cheezburger? which is basically hilarious, but more cumulatively than on an individual level
-The Funny Cat Page is moderately amusing, and along the same lines
-the Snopes string is hilarious, if only because people actually spend some time analyzing these
-Moggy is less funny than unremittingly cute. I have a friend who is obsessed with images of what she calls "cat in a glass." It is pretty self-explanatory, and she once submitted an image of same to demonstrate "things that make me happy" on an application. No joke.
-And for those "Whose homely face and bad complexion/Have caused all hope to disappear/Of ever winning man’s affection" Men and Cats

Hope you didn't have any work to do today.

Update: a few that I'd forgotten: Cats in Sinks, Stuff on My Cat, Cats that Look Like Hitler, and last but not least, that site where the kittens sing heavy metal (if anyone can find it, please send me a link).


Sarah said...

I can't believe you forgot Recently, it's been mostly cats with outfits on, which I don't think qualifies really. My roommate attests that this game is really played in England.

And, in an effort to help you lose the cat fixation:

The comments are better than the pictures, really. A certain fro-haired Jewish DJ brought that one to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Joel Veitch's silly thing with the kittens singing The Vines song? That's at


The Pedant said...

The viking kittens (among others) are at the website of British musician and animator Joel Veitch.

As for Jews and animals, I remember reading in The Big Book of Jewish Humor that two generations ago our people were not so fond of dogs.

Sherbs said...

Cats are still stupid. Enough said. My dog was quite Jewy--from her name, to her love of food, to her sloth-like tendencides. And she had a bumb on her nose. And hatered of cats.

orieyenta said...

So when are you getting the toyger? Little Orieyenta and I want one too. (We won't dress it up though....well, maybe on Purim.)

Annie said...

Sarah- thanks for the update.

Babytyrone- yeah, thanks.

Pedant- you are, as always, a font of useless information. And yeah, Jews probably don't love German shepherds.

Sherbs- I prefer dogs. But toygers are awesome.

Orieyenta- Sadly, I will not be getting a toyger anytime soon, as my lease forbids them, and the roommate hates animals. I will have to be satisfied with my stuffed tiger (named Mischa, as it is a siberian tiger).

Amishav said...

I have met yet another single Jewish woman with two cats. And as much as I like cats, I simply do not understand why they must all have cats. I'm allergic! Grrrr...

Jack's Shack said...

Personally I'd like to see all cats rounded up and shipped off to cat island where they would never be seen again.