Friday, March 02, 2007

For Heaven's Sake, Think of the Donkeys!

Here at Jewbiquitous, we pride ourselves on bringing you the issues that most effect the Jewish people. Today, as part of this proud tradition, I offer you this story from The Register. Ever since the days of Balaam, donkeys have played a central role in Jewish life and lore. From this tradition we learn:

1) Men and donkeys must share the burden. This story demonstrates a man literally sharing the burden of a donkey's heavy load, but we must understand the figurative meaning as well. For years, man has unfairly placed too heavy a load on the back of the donkey: emotionally, psychologically, physically. We have now reached the time where men and donkeys can band together and forge a bond of true, inter-species, brotherhood.

2) Even if the donkey does not belong to us (and truly does a donkey belong to anyone?), we must lighten its load. Even if we came across Dennis Prager's donkey, carrying weight of the Jewish people on its back, we must help it carry the load.

3) Hillel reminds us that Ki Tetze taught: "You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together." How do we apply this lesson to our non-agrarian lifestyles? Different people have different strengths and weaknesses; forcing them to work together will overtax the one and may compromise the other. I in no way take this lesson personally.

4) Donkies have a hidden holiness. I always suspected. Perhaps that's why a donkey will be the Mashiach's primary mode of transport.

For these reasons, I suggest a letter writing campaign to the magistrates in Galway, Ireland, in support of the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act 1837. It's time we act. If not for ourselves, then for the donkeys.


Mel said...

...and all this time I thought we were joking around about promiscuous livestock in europe and beyond!

Amishav said...

Donkeys are indeed an under appreciated animal- but what if the human riding it is the genuine ass?