Monday, March 19, 2007

Somebody's Got A Case of the Mondays

Shabbat is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is awesome to have a day where you are forced not to work. An "island in time" as Heschel said. Or was that "castle in time." I can never recall. At any rate, a seperate day where food prep has been done, and you have no responsibilities but to G-d is kind of a nice thing.

But it screws my weekend. It means that unless I miss services I never get a chance to sleep in past 9am. It also means that any chores have to be done on Sunday, so I have to run errands, do my laundry, cleaning, finances, etc all on Sunday. I (and most traditionally observant Jews) rarely get a real day "off." This year, due to the many, many weekday chagim, I actually won't get a single day of vacation.

Before anyone says something, I know that observance is my choice, that I don't "have" to live like this but it certainly strengthens the case for either moving to Israel, or working at a Jewish organization. Lame.

In other news, CJ bought me a stuffed tiger, so that I'd stop hassling him to get a toyger. Little does he know that I won't give in.

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