Friday, March 23, 2007

Jewbiquitous Outing: Dave and Busters

This might not actually count, as Harley didn't come too. Oh well. At any rate, last night the upstairs neighbor, his ersatz girlfriend, CJ and I all decided to play tourist and go to Dave and Buster's in Times Square. I'd never been to Dave and Buster's before, and was a little bit skeptical, but it was amazingly fun. At some point in the evening I decided that the true measure of fun is tickets earned, and vetoed all games that did not lead to tickets.
For the record, I am awesome at the game where you race horses by bowling a little ball into certain holes on a board. And CJ is awesome at the "polarbear-hitting-a-fish-with-a-bat" game. We ended up with about 950 tickets between the four of us, which enabled us to get a whole bunch of random crap that we don't need, including:
-two Dave and Buster's pint glasses
-deck of Dave and Buster's cards
-3 squishy rubber balls that look sort of like sea anemones

A great time was had by all. It was sort of like Chuck E. Cheese's for adults. Although I was greatly disappointed that DDR did not give out tickets for a good performance. As we were there for a couple hours we were able to do a pretty good game sampling, and discovered that some have a much higher ROI (Return on Investment) than others, and as one of our party is a consultant, we spent a lot of time talking about how to "maximize" our tickets. Are we lame?Yes, yes we are.
Look forward to Jewbiquitous Outing: Carbon Leaf Concert coming post-Saturday night. There's still time for you to come too!


The Pedant said...

I am so there.

Also, I once went with a bunch of friends to get a four-slot toaster from Dave & Buster's. Goodness knows how much it cost in real dollars.

Sarah said...

I rock at skeeball. I am the Coney Island champ, if only in my head.