Monday, December 11, 2006

Apocolypto Now

A Journey into Mel Gibson's Heart of Darkness...

I am feeling slightly nauseated this afternoon and I don’t think those cupcakes I had for lunch are to blame. A certain film debuted at #1 this weekend. Does my disappointment stem from a secret wish that Gibson’s most recent epic would fail miserably, demonstrating that Americans refuse to support a biggoted, anti-Semetic, misogynistic egotist? When I saw the trailer before watching the best Bond movie ever, the entire audience booed loudly. Did this response unnaturally raise my expections that Gibson’s movie would flop? Probably. Am I affected by my elite existence in the center of the civilized world? I guess so. But at least SNL agrees with me:

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AnnieGetYour said...

Crumbs cupcakes are AWESOME. Don't knock them. And kosh too.