Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am shamed

By the dedication that many have shown towards their dream of immigrating to Israel. One example, from Ynet (courtesy of Failed Messiah) is of the Ethiopians who marched through Sudan to get to Israel. On foot. Or donkey. It is a type of faith and belief to which I can only aspire. And then to be faced with racism by Israelis once they get there? It is a chillul hashem*. Failed Messiah focuses on the injustice aspect, but I would like to just point out the sacrifice that these people made, one unimaginable (at least for me) from my comfortable, middle-class upbringing.

Kol ha kavod*.

*A chillul hashem is a desecration of the lord's name
*Kol ha kavod is Hebrew for "all my respect" but can also mean "well done" or "good job." Sort of like the Australian "good on ya, mate."

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