Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On Vacation

Hey All,

I am in Michigan. Specifically Ann Arbor (which CJ calls "the deuce"), visiting some friends. Not much goes on here, so there is not much for me to blog about. I guess that I could talk about the Jewish community here, and how much I love it, but I have yet to meet anyone as school isn't in session, and I haven't been here for a sabbath, so I haven't been to services. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll find some nice shabbos hospitality - but you better hurry- it comes so early this time of year!

Uninvisible said...

I'm jealous -- I spent many a great year in A2 and had a wonderful Jewish life. There are several people who would love to host you. Send an e-mail to or even Many people will be gracious. If there is one distinction about te community in A2 is that they are very welcoming and willing to bring anyone in. Enjoy the time there, it's fantastic.

Annie said...

Thanks unvisible. A couple of my friends are UMich alumnae, so they suggested the same thing. As I was staying with an Orthodox couple, I was set for meals, but found the community to be very cute, and if I lived there, accessible.