Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pet Peeves

In no particular order:

-People who respond to posts with "well written" or "nice post"
-Misuse of the word "nauseous"
-Ad hominem attacks
-Conflation of "judgemental" and "unwilling to try new things" (i.e. just because I have NO INTEREST in smoking pot doesn't mean that I care if you do. Sometimes, I, like Harley, am a subjectivist)
-Being patronized.
-People who learn that I don't like being touched, and then insist on trying to hug me. No, really, it makes me really uncomfortable.
-Relationships where the only topic of conversation is the relationship
-Control top nylons
-Desserts that look like they contain chocolate, yet do not
-Being forced to defend my convictions, as if they are unreasonable. (subjectivism again. I don't care if you live together, just don't yell at me because I think that it is a bad idea for me)
-Operas where they promise a sea monster in the second act and it never appears. Seriously, WTF?

I'm really not a misanthrope. Really.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

...oh wait.


I mean...

you suck!

Anonymous said...

-People who respond to posts with "well written" or "nice post"

But seriously... why does that bother you? I kinda feel that minimal feedback is still better than no feedback.

AnnieGetYour said...

I dunno, it just makes me a bit crazy. Pet peeves aren't supposed to be reasonable.

Also Harley's first response was "I do that." But I still love her. Endlessly.

Anonymous said...

sorry to piss you off with praise. I will try to not comment on your good work.

Benjamin J. Cooper said...

Beowulf: The Musical had a sea monster in the first act. A puppet sea monster. It was hilarious.

AnnieGetYour said...

For the record, it is fine to praise a post... I guess, but I prefer to also have a substantive comment. Like "that needed to be said" or something like that.

Whatever, clearly I am unreasonable.

Shoshana said...

I HATE being patronized also. Additionally, control top nylons, while definitely worth it, are a very understandable pet peeve.

I have one to add - co-workers who get upset with me for doing my job, since they refuse to do theirs.

Smeliana said...


People who talk about loving "the holidays" but actually just mean Christmas. Let's be honest here: You're not buying a tree and buying tons of gifts and covering your house in lights because you love Christmas, Channukah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, and New Year's; you just love Christmas. Be a Christian. Love Christmas. Just don't bring my holiday into your goyishe rituals.

(PS- What do we think of my punctuation? I was being a bit experimental.)

AnnieGetYour said...

Smel- I support your hate. Also your use of punctuation. I think that the English language should evolve as we use it to demonstrate its utility. Or something.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about relationships where the only topic of conversation is the relationship - this is a sure sign that there really is no relationship.

Im not a big chocolate fan, so a pet peeve of mine is desserts that look like they dont contain chocolate but actually do.

Anonymous said...

Santa. I HATE that dude. He's fuckin' everywhere!