Monday, December 18, 2006

I feel like Lady Macbeth

Except with latke smell instead of blood. I was sitting in synagogue on Friday night, convinced that I still smelled of frying, even post-shower and new clothes. So I did what any reasonable human being would do, I made all of my friends sitting near me smell me to see if I did, in fact smell of latkes. I did.

In other news, while the growing tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia are in no way funny, this quote is:They gave the Ethiopian government seven days to withdraw its military troops from Somalia or that they would face an all-out war. The Ethiopian government in response said, "bring it on". Really? Really the Ethiopian government said "bring it on?" And in a similar turn, the Tamil Tiger representative said of the Sri Lankan government that it "takes two to tango." I find it hard to believe that they used such colloquial English, instead I think that the translators are taking some liberties.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, now I get it. So that was the heavenly smell wafting over from the women's section this week.

(In random coincidental news, the "word verification" that just came up to post this comment is "macdf." Probably the way a three year old would say Macbeth.)

AnnieGetYour said...

Thanks JT, that makes me feel slightly better. Although I've showered 3 times since making latkes, and my hands still smell of it. I am never making latkes again.

Until tonight.

Anonymous said...

I made latkes last night and showered twice since (once while the oil and onion smell was still hot and once again this morning) and I still smell of deep fried Jewish freedom.

One thing that worked was eating a cemintine. That worked well... my hands no longer smell of oil, potatos and onion...the rest of me does.

Anonymous said...

And by Potatos I ment Potatoes and by Cemintine I ment Clementine.

so much for spell check.