Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jews Love: Italians?

Given his exposure on this blog, you already know that Jewbiquitous Loves Not Chosen, Just Posin’, but is our love of this Italian indicative of a greater trend?

Do Jews Love Italians?
Recently, I commented on Not Chosen’s blog about how I (and all Jews) love Christmas and how I listened to Pretty Boy intently as he described his. Not Chosen, recalling that I mentioned Pretty Boy before when I asked his advice about wooing an Italian, suggested that I write a Pretty Boy/Not Chosen inspired post on how Jews Love Italians. I had never considered the idea that Jews were attracted to one particular ethnicity more than another, but Not Chosen insisted that he’s living proof that Jews Love Italians; he even bragged that he could get OrthoJew to Love Italians.

In his own words, Not Chosen explains:

Okay, so on a superficial level, many an Italian looks like many a Jewish guy.
Maybe, subconsciously, that is part of the attraction. However, we know that
Jewish women are usually more strong-willed than their male counterparts, while
it is, traditionally, very much the opposite for Italian men and women. Italian
men (especially as depicted in mafia movies), run the show, are very masculine
and usually have somewhat of a dangerous feeling about them. Essentially, maybe
Jewish women feel like they've met their match dating an Italian guy. Plus,
dangerous in any form, is attractive. This leads me into my earlier argument
that the "taboo" factor plays a huge part. Oh, and Italians are romantics. I
don't know how Jewish guys are but try going to Italy as an American woman. You
will be mauled. Some women like this kind of attention.

To summarize: Jewish women love Italian men because they look like Jews, but are stronger personalities than our usual choices, are ridiculously romantic, AND we get to indulge in the taboo of dating a non-Jew (I assume we’re talking about non-Jewish Italians). Interesting.

I’m just not convinced that Jews love Italians more than they love, say, Russians or Australians. Or, in Annie’s case, Irish Catholics.

I think perhaps Not Chosen is biased because he has had such unhindered success with the ladies, maybe particularly with the Jewish ladies. In which case, Jews Love: Not Chosen. On the other hand, Pretty Boy is also quite the ladies man, which may be because, as his pseudonym implies, he is ridiculously attractive. So now we’re no farther than we were four paragraphs ago. I’m at a loss. Beyond stereotypes about Italians and Jews, can I offer any insight into this emphatic assertion? Do we really single out Italians to Love more than any other group?

The only feasible conclusion:

Jews Love Some Italians and With Others, We Just Want to Be Friends.


harley said...

NB: The man in the pictures is neither Not Chosen nor Pretty Boy, but the incomparable Rudolph Valentino. I don't know about anyone else, but I Love: Rudolph Valentino. Too bad he's been dead for eighty years.

Not Chosen said...

What can I say? This post is pure brilliance!

dash said...

i'm afraid jews just seem to love Italians. it's a well known phenomenon. i think jewish guys also like italian girls, albeit in fewer numbers than jewish girls like italian guys.

not sure what it's worth, but "in the kid stays in the picture," robert evans talks about some of the difficulties they had in getting "the godfather" made. mob movies were out, and evans seemed to think that that was at least partly the result of the fact that they were all made by jews, which, although close to italians, weren't exactly the same thing.

glad to add useless information.

Naked Arab Ladies For Peace said...

My question are Italian women good in bed because jewish women are moaning and groaning

Annie said...

NC: Thanks. I am sure that Harley's ego didn't really need the stroking.

Dash: Interesting theory. I think that American Jewish girls, like othe American girls, just have a thing for swarthy Europeans. Spaniards would probably do just as well.

Also, I just read the book "The Godfather" and loved it. So maybe Jews love the Italian mafia?

NALfP: I don't think that either Harley nor I can answer that question for you.

Anonymous said...

I love both Jewish men and Italian men, but I'm not jewish or Italian..=/

Anonymous said...

It seems that there may be genetics involved. There is an increasing body of evidnce that many Italians can trace genetics to original Hebrews.
© 2002 by David Clark hrhdavid@yahoo.com

The CMH tool in action:
The Southern and Central Italians

The interesting story of the Southern and Central Italians is very strait forward. The majority are ancient Hebrews, captured and brought to Italy during Roman times. They are actually the ancient Hebrew tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and part of Levi.

The interesting part of the story is how the became the majority, and how they are literally "welcomed to go home" (by Northern Italians) even to this day!

What actually happened in Italy (as the Roman Empire declined and fell) is hinted at by the famous English author, Thomas Robert Malthus. His book: "An Essay on the Principle of Population, A View of its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness" contains the following chapter about the Romans.

In summary: The land of Italy fell into the hands of the Roman upper class, whose wealth consisted of their large estates (and their imported captured servants). The burden of the defence of the Roman Empire, however, fell upon the plebian classes (poor free farmers and small landowners).

Thus, by the time of the fall of the Roman Empire - that is: when the Roman armies were killed off and crushed - all that remained in Italy, essentially, were the Roman upper class, their immense numbers of servants [note: like the "sand of the seashore" - an immense multitude!], and the victorious, invading armies!

The complex history of the land of Italy, is well recorded. (Here is a place to start for interested readers.) The interesting part is that the old "jealous tensions" (resulting from the Hebrew Tribes' success as the Roman Empire fell around them) continue to this day! This is reflected, for example, in the history of the separatist Lego Nord (the Northern League) and its founder, Umberto Bossi.

Should the ancient Hebrews in Italy "crawl away" at the voicing of such words (when they constitute the largest single voting block in Italy)? I say:
The Italian Hebrews in political power in Italy!
© 2002 by David Clark hrhdavid@yahoo.com

James said...

Now it all makes sense. My family is from Salerno in So. Italy and I have always felt drawn to Jewish girls, knish and the study of Hebrew.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Lawrence "Jews are Like Italians?"

Anonymous said...

Most Italian women are beautiful....it's in the genes and yes they are hot blooded..also more domestic and do take care of their men if they love them unconditionally...I know I was married to a jew and now an italian...I'm still in love with her after 20 years...me? I'm jewish and
non religious

Anonymous said...

There is an increasing body of evidnce that many Italians can trace genetics to original Hebrews.


Nooooo waaaay!!!! NO, NO, NO, NO!

This has to be a nightmare, it can't be true! [dismayed face] [vomiting] The people I love with all my heart (no clue why), hold up in high regard, worship almost share BLOOD with Ancient Hebrews (read polygamous, womanizing, hot tempered, "eye for an eye" revengeful, uppity, self-righteous bastards [vomits thrice over] Well, if this study is definite, I'm soooo leaving my husband. I'll sneak out in the middle of the night lest he gets "possesive" and suggest to my Eastern European mates whom I fixed up with "Italians" (thinking it'd be cool) to do the same. I hope I'm not pregnant i.e. haven't tainted myself with your polygamous, genocidal, incestous blood!
Now I'm off back to Mostar if my Greek Christian dear mother lets me back into the house after hooking up with a Catholic or according recent findings ewwww! Next I'm getting a cool blooded English or Chinese man maybe even Sri Lankan with NO Muddle (oops typos Middle) Eastern blood in him. Tara!

Anonymous said...

Btw I hate anything to do with religion in general, Old Testament in particular and the flipin' Muddle East, historic or current! Semites SUCK but do NOT SWALLOW! (lol cpz they are supposedly prude, a bunch of hypocrites I say)
See it even rhymes Semites Suck! Come on why do you think 90% of Semitic tribes are extinct Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Arameys, Phonecians, Caanaites, etc Coz Greeks and Romans got them that's why? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

har jai keh sar naham ma'bod-e oost.

misscutecherry said...

semitic men are hot semitic women are just fugly
i go by the stereotype

Unlikely Aristotle said...

i am not italian but i find h=jewish and arabic women ugly personally i prefer indian girls and persian girls but i am also huge fan of italian women

Mark said...

As an Italian guy who does have actual, documented roots in converted Jews, I have dated many Jewish people. For me the list runs like this, of cultural similarities between Jews and Italians.

1. They both love food and can talk about it for hours
2. Family is top priority and mom runs the show!
3. Both groups have strong, opinionated personalities
4. Similar physical appearance- dark hair, dark skin, big noses, and general hirsuteness
5. Emphasis on the importance of education

That said, stereotypes are stereotypes and assume false absolutes. I'm sure there's someone, somewhere contradicting these tendencies by word or by action. There is no one "Jewish look". I've seen blond, blue-eyed Jews who could pass for Iowa goyim, and red-headed, light-eyed Russian Jews.

And as you noted, the categories aren't mutually exclusive. Italian Jews do exist.

I'm a hot mess. I am a gay Italian-German-Lithuanian American Catholic who is descended from Jews, and wants to be Jewish, and wants to find a nice Italian girl to have children for me and my (eventual) gay partner. Maybe I could find a nice Italian Jewish girl? I don't know, you tell me.

mlrose said...

And though I may be trafficking in stereotypes here, the history is what it is. Italians and Jews in the underworld have been -- pardon the expression -- thick as thieves over the years. Maybe it started withn Charlie ' Lucky' Luciano and Meyer Lansky or in the ghettoes in the years prior, but...in O.C. circles something of a mutual-admiration society has long existed whereby close working and personal (and familial) relationships have long been the norm. On both sides, relationships/associations from outside the 'family' have been known to flourish to the point whereby their own members have taken umbrage. The feeling, I suppose being akin to favoring a cousin or adopted child over your own blood.

Chet said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am an italian woman, and while I can appreciate the virility and aggressiveness of the italian male, based on my experience with their type, I prefer the kindness, the intelligence, the sweetness and sensitivity of a nice jewish man.

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