Saturday, January 06, 2007

How Did I Get Here?

Many people must be asking this question, at least from the search terms that I've culled from our site tracker. These are the ones who I really wish would leave comments:

1) The guy who searched "oooh ooh ooh ooh oh ooh ooh ooh lyrics" or something like that. Seriously? What does that even mean.

2) "Jews making babies." Harley would love to sit down and have a talk with you. Really.

3) "The song playing in the background during blasphemy challenge." What is blasphemy challenge? And how can I get involved? While most of my beliefs are pretty traditional, it sounds like a rousing good time.

If you are here entirely randomly, did you find what it is that you were looking for? (Sorry Harley, I know how you hate when I end sentences with prepositions) Please, inquiring minds want to know.

And while I know Daboys don't necessarily love this weather, it is beautiful in New York, almost makes me wish that I wasn't moving to Chicago. NOT.


Dash said...

i'm sure terribly unhelpful search results are the source of most bloggers traffic. i know it's a driving force behind the growing internet phenomenon that is yesterday's salad.

oh, and you'll love trading up from new york to chicago.

JT said...

At least one of Daboys is loving this weather.

I once spent about an hour searching for a Spanish song I heard a couple of times and really liked. The only lyrics I knew were from the chorus, "ai yai yai." I finally found it -- Cancion del Velero. Great song.

Hint said...

The song playing in the background of the Blasphemy Challenge is DJ Madson's "Come on to Freedom" from the soundtrack album to the movie "The God Who Wasn't There."

Jessica said...

The blasphemy challenge? I must go google this myself and find out what that means.

I love seeing how people end up at my blog as well: someone ended up there with the google search "mom." Which seems very generic. But whatever.

"jews making babies:" that makes me laugh.

LT said...

The guy who searched "oooh ooh ooh ooh oh ooh ooh ooh lyrics" or something like that. Seriously? What does that even mean.

I'll bet you what came up was my spelling out the lyrics of "Uptown Girl" in a comment. =p

Anniegetyour said...

Dash- thanks, I hope so. Although I might not be there for a few years yet. CJ is opposed to the Midwest after his college experience there.

JT- Glad to hear it. We can hang out in the park while LT sulks.

Hint- thanks, but what is the Blasphemy Challenge?

Jessica- I guess mom works too. Hopefully not for my blog. At least not yet.

LT- Yes, you are correct. Any other non-sequitors that will bring traffic to the blog would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica said...

Annie -

I finally got around to googling "blasphemy challenge." If I found the right site (, it's not nearly exciting or as fun as I thought it would be either. Kind of a bummer.

Benjamin said...

U2 still hasn't found what they're looking for, and Joshua Tree sold like crazy, so you should be OK.

Kelsey said...

I got here looking for a rock song in which the only lyrics I remember are "Ooh-oo-ooh". I can't find it and it's driving me crazy.