Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On Competition

Annie is (A) a jerkface and (B) a much faster writer than I. All morning I worked on my Blood Libel post and now it's buried beneath two of her hilarious and entertaining posts, both of which she wrote as I plodded along, carefully researching, contemplating, and rewriting mine. Sigh. To be half as beautiful and talented as Annie.


Annie said...

Harley- if by "half as beautiful and talented" you mean because you are half my size, then yes, I guess you are correct. Otherwise, ha. You are just jealous of my mad blogging skillz. (z intentional)

LT said...

Ah, the frustrations of sharing a blog. I can relate, Harley. I, too, have spent time putting together serious entries only to have it bumped down by more light-hearted entertaining posts.

Anonymous said...

I know- some people are just some much more creative and productive than the rest of us! Darn them!