Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This past week, I was a "joiner." In all my radical, Libertine glory (thanks to The Professor for my shiny new label), I attended the cultural Jewish event of the season: Jewltide. I know what you're thinking, "What about Heebonism? What about the Matzo Ball?" Well, for those of us cool enough to live in Brooklyn, Southpaw was the place to be on Christmas Eve. JDub and Brooklyn Jews co-hosted this hip, hipster event (NB: the event was in Brooklyn and the irony abounded, but it wasn't truly hipster because I did not see one pair of leggings or cut-off-the-shoulder sweatshirt). I went with my close friend Smeliana, of Smelblog, and we danced the night away, attempting to fend off the awkward awkwardness of single Jewish men who saw in Smeliana the answer to all of their prayers. She is like flypaper. Meanwhile, I was hit on by the only non-Jew in the house. I am also flypaper, but of a different sort. The latkes were a little limp for my taste, but around 1am, the organizers passed around fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and all was good, again. Mmm, donut.

Meanwhile, I had the pleasure of finally seeing So Called in action, followed by Golem. Both are extremely entertaining performers, on top of being talented musicians. So Called was surprisingly funny and even offered an impressive magic trick (and he's surprisingly cute in person, although I couldn't find a photo worthy of posting). Although he usually relies on pre-recorded tracks for most of his back up, he had been traveling with Golem and some of their group joined him onstage for several rousing numbers. After joyously rocking out to Yiddish hip hop for a solid hour, Golem took the stage and we were all awash in modern klezmer. I've been attempting to describe Golem's music because klezmer doesn't quite encapsulate their mix of rock and klezmer, except to say that you should visit their website or see them in concert. Watching them perform, I felt as if I were sent back to Weimar Germany without the ominous overtones of Nazi ascension. Or more acurately (historically), to a nightclub in the Pale, toasting and drinking and dancing away my troubles. Right. I am such a nerd.

Final verdict: an excellent time had by all. Thanks to the fine folks at Brooklyn Jews, JDub, and Southpaw.

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