Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jews Love: Jack Bauer

Warning: Spoiler ahead!

At least the other roommate and CJ do. I had never watched 24 before last night, which seems strange given my previous application for employment with the CIA, and love for all things patriotic and gun-related. So when CJ suggested that I watch with him, I aquiesced. With good grace, in my opinion. At any rate, this season of 24 opens with widespread terror attacks across America. Basically America= Israel. There are bus bombings and mall attacks, Muslim Americans are being sent to internment camps and losing their civil liberties. It is so intense. The season opens with the US president negotiating with terrorists. And he gives in, and it goes badly (shock there). I kind of think that President Palmer should have had all of the enemy combatants summarily executed, but that's just me. Also, why the hell do we have a military prison for enemy combatants on American soil? WTF? This is what we were trying to avoid with the abysmal human-rights violation that is Guantanamo.

At any rate, other Jews who love Jack Bauer: Renegade Rebbetzin has a brief post which can be summed up as "Jack Bauer is super-awesome." And while Amishav of Chai Expectations doesn't mention Jack, or 24, he did go on a date with the daughter of an assasin. Van at KesherTalk claims that Jack Bauer is Jewish (I'm new to the show, is he?) and compares the somewhat gratuitous torture and violence to that of a Mel Gibson movie.

Evan Kessler of Welcome to Evan Kessler.com posts a synopsis of the first two hours, summarizing the chunks of time between commercial breaks. For the record, TiVo is awesome, primarily because it makes commercials optional. The importance of TiVo for watching 24 cannot be overstated, for instance Holylandhipster of the blog of the same name missed the first two hours, without the magic of TiVo (or in the case of 24, the first DVD, which is out today) they would be gone forever. Or at least until Spike, or some similar channel decides to start showing re-runs constantly.


LT said...

Have you read Slate's review of 24? It's hysterical. =)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

My wife is a die-hard 24 fanatic...and Jack Bauer's her hero. I guess the only way to win back her heart was to run our settlement's CTU, which is what I do in my spare time.