Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jews Love: Sleep

Sadly Harley and I are not getting very much of it. I still have a residual cough from my time in Michigan, and Harley is just unable to sleep. This is by way of an apology for not being on top of our respective games today.

A few tidbits to keep you interested:
-the cleaning lady in my office removed the dayquil from my desk and put it in the fridge. Should I be keeping it in the fridge?

-CJ made dinner for my roommates and myself yesterday. It was awesome. Leftovers for lunch.

-I got a new phone. And it is awesome. It makes me cooler.
Also, I am fairly sure that there is something in the Talmud about how sleep is the only thing you cannot repay if you steal it from someone. Although there is a strong chance that my mom made that up just to keep me from waking up my father and her on Sunday mornings.


rokhl said...

Not that long ago I started drinking warm milk with turmeric at night. It really knocks me out. The turmeric is an ayurvedic thing. [at first i thought it was kind of gross, but now i really enjoy it]

Also, I work out in the evening, usually about two hours before I go to sleep. That also helps me get to sleep with ease.

harley said...

Thanks, Rokhl. I've tried every remedy known to man/woman. I actually have a biological problem that prevents me from sleeping, according to my doctor. Trying new remedies does keep me busy as a wrestle with my pillow, though.