Monday, July 16, 2007

Absurdity of The Day

My younger brother and I don't really have a great relationship. He's going through what I call his "a**hole" phase.

Case in point? I called him to ask if he'd call our older brother to wish him a mazal tov on his engagement. This was the conversation:

Me: Hey kiddo, Pedant just got engaged. Can you give him a call to wish him a mazal tov?
Baby Brother: I'm really hung over (NB: this call was made at 10pm).
Me: Really? Now?
BB: Yeah, it's founders' day at my school. Can't I just send him a text message?
Me: NO! Seriously? Just give him a call.

He did eventually call. And then called back two hours later to ask if Pedant wanted to buy any magazine subscriptions for the fraternity fundraiser. Sweet.

At any rate, while cruising facebook, I found that my baby brother has added the 'top friends' function. It is very much like the section on MySpace where you list your top 5-10 friends. Lo, and behold, I have made it into his top 18 friends. I could not be more surprised.

Guess all my offers to help on papers/study for exams haven't gone awry after all.


sarah said...

Wow. I thought Founder's Day was a strictly Vassar tradition (all hail Matthew Vassar, brewer of beer and supporter of women's education, by becoming plastered on a sunny weekend in May).

The Pedant said...

To be fair, I think I texted him to let him know I got engaged. And only because my better half bugged me to.

Diana said...

Mazel Tov!