Thursday, July 12, 2007

Best Advice-Seeker EVER

From Margo Howard (daughter of Ann Landers):


I recently turned to the Christian religion out of a need to find solace, comfort and recovery from my past. It has helped me in more ways than I can count, more than any therapy or counseling, and I have come to take it quite seriously. The problem is my husband. I was once a stripper and call girl, plus I drank heavily, and ironically those were the very things he loved about me. Of course he loved me as a person, but because of my newfound convictions, I informed him that I would no longer engage in pornography, heavy drinking and partying with our friends.

I know this was a shock and a hurt to him, and he doesn't know where to go with it. (My conversion has not affected my desire for true intimacy or enjoying it with him.) Lately he has become hostile and makes fun of me, and encourages our friends to do so. He claims that I have been brainwashed and am no fun anymore. I guess I can see why.
We have been married 10 years and have no children, and I had hoped to have them soon, but if it looks like a divorce is in the cards, obviously, we shouldn't. I have also had to find another job, as my associates have not been able to handle "what has come over me." Though I am not ashamed, I want to leave it behind. My main concern is that I may have to leave my husband behind, also.



Actually, I think you do know what to do. The problem is that your husband married a stripper and call girl, and that person is no longer around. I think your new choices are commendable and will bring you a satisfying future (with someone who is not looking for a stripper and call girl).

It's a good thing Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce, because naming Jesus as a co-respondent might have been a first.



Sherbs said...

Thank God for Margo. Ask Amy would have said something along the lines of "Well, your husband wants you to be a stripper and a drunk, so maybe you can at least comprise. Love Jesus, but maybe wear a Jesus thong."

Annie said...

Such a good synopsis of Ask Amy.

That woman is a total idiot.

Michael said...

Divorce is an easy way out.This guy and you have had an evil way for so long he has trouble adjusting to the conversion and is denial and rather than helping and joining,he stays in that old rut.Divorce should not be an option.The vows were for better or worse so dont bail out like most would.Jesus never gave up on you and mothers dont give up on their children no matter what.So why should you be a bailer?You think the religion youre in gives up?If so you would never had made it.Suffering is part of it.Everyones is so apt to just give up.If you made it from what was then to your transformation,then he has a better chance with you than without.Keep working on him,heap coals of goodness from the heart on him and soon he will cave.The devil wants you alone as he does with everyone causing his destructional divisions within people that offer you advice that goes against Gods very nature and tries to offer their brand of justice or so called fix.I notice they have troubles at home while offering such advice.Just keep following the word from the book, forget mans advice,thousands of years here and he/she cant even stop wars or get along long enough to have a decent conversation.Stay true and committed,youve come this far to what seemed impossible.You cannot ride the fence so stand on the word and it will stand for you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, MICHAEL, what has been the driving force behind most of mankind's destructive wars in the last several millenia? Oh that's right -- belief in your so-called "God." Also, who are you to call their former lifestyle an "evil way"? Evil how? Last I heard, strippers and call girls do not abuse little children by telling them that if they follow their natural instincts they will suffer in hell for eternity. Christianity has been a blight on mankind, MICHAEL. What the fuck does "Jesus never gave up on you" even mean? Smart money says that this couple never even met that motherfucker! Wittgenstein once said, Whereof we cannot speak, thereof we should be silent. You would be wise to follow his advice.

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