Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Subway Awkward

So I was on the subway this morning, and a beautiful, and well dressed woman sat next to me. She was wearing nice, and clearly expensive clothing and jewelry. I know this because everything was clearly branded (Fendi bag, Prada earphones*, etc). She was also wearing some distinctive earrings. They looked like lapis or jade discs on a gold post. Not so sure.

Anyway, in the seat catty-corner to us was a woman dressed professionally, if not nicely. She was wearing a top that wasn't so pretty, a filmy brown/black/blue peasant-style blouse, plain black pants, and sandals that could best be described as "orthopedic." I usually don't care about what people wear on the subway, but the unfashionable woman asked the fashionable one (who had her earphones in, a clear sign that she didn't want to be disturbed) about her earrings:

U: Those earrings are beautiful.
F: Um, thanks.
U: They are so unusual, and I love unusual things.
F: (under her breath) Yeah, I can tell.

And there I was, wearing my outfit that cost about $35 total, wondering... what does she think of me?

* I didn't even know that Prada made earphones.

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Anonymous said...

This is why I think people suck. This woman was trying to be complimentary, and if the other women didn't want to talk, she didn't have to. But instead, she was nasty.