Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tisha B'Av

I get stupid when I'm fasting (although not too hungry, so it isn't so bad from a meditation/prayer standpoint), so not so much blogging today. Also I'm not really sure how I feel about blogging today.

At any rate, I heard Eicha read last night, and it was pretty bad. The guys doing the reading didn't read loudly or clearly enough, and worst of all, from my standpoint, was the fact that they did it tonelessly. The trope used for Eicha is sad and haunting, and really sets the tone for the day. Between that and the Rabbi's assertion that this generation "doesn't feel anything" I left davening more in the mood to make snarky comments than mourn the temple.

If only I was back at camp, and standing outside watching the word "zachor" (remember) burn until it went out. Even reading by the light of candles/flashlights, or a single sad song (like Keli Tzion) might have helped. Or not being told that I don't have any feelings, and that I should cry for some guy with cancer. Yeah, synagogue was a bust for me last night.


Anonymous said...

Last night where I went they did keli tziyon so fast it sounded like a waltz. Not exactly the right mood to end the evening.

sarah said...

I heard Eicha this morning in English. At an Orthodox shul. It was totally bizarre.

Then I went to a lecuture where a recently controversial person was mentioned by name, but no details, because "that's irrelevant here." Good message, people: defame someone whom you think has committed lashon hara. Nice work.

Ari Kinsberg said...

i think tishah beav in general is the hardest holiday to really get into the right mood for. a camp setting definately facilitates this