Thursday, July 26, 2007

America's Next Plop Model

I love America's Next Top Model. When it's mid-season, my flatmate, El Gigante, and I DVR it and watch it together. Some weeks, I cannot wait to watch it with him and so watch it on my own and then re-watch it when he has the time. He shows the same courtesy to me.

Given that ANTM's last season ended months ago, you may be asking yourself: why is Harley talking about it now, so long after Jaslene won Cycle 8 (over Natasha, whom I so totally loved that I periodically walked around speaking in a fake Russian accent and meowing into the phone to my much older, questionably arranged, husband)?

Well, while voicing a recent segment, Jim Vance, the anchorman for Channel 4 News in D.C., could not stop laughing at a model who didn't have what Miss Jay refers to as "The Walk."

News Anchor Cant Stop Laughing At Model - Watch more free videos

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Liberal Jew said...

But that is funny. That webel wobbled and fell down.