Friday, July 20, 2007

Since U Been Gone

Sorry for the long absence. I took 3 days off from work (to use up my vacation before moving to a new job), and managed to schedule them so that CJ did too. We basically spent the last three days playing in the city.

Things we did (mostly not so nine days appropriate, but I comforted myself with the fact that it was bittersweet, since I will never have time off again):

1) visited the Natural History Museum. The Butterfly Exhibit was closed, which sucked, and the Mythic Creatures "exhibit" is actually just a movie. That you have to pay extra for. LAME. We only went because it was too rainy to go to the Zoo.

2) visited Coney Island to walk the boardwalk, see the Cyclone (CJ hates roller coasters so we didn't actually ride it), and basically enjoy all of the seedy, run-down glory of yesteryear. It is a super-bizarre place, but the beach was beautiful (even if we didn't go in the water) and the aquarium was a lot of fun. Also fun? Watching CJ at the aquarium. He has two types of reaction to fish/aquatic animals:
a) Oooh, I would like to catch you and eat you, you are so delicious (he is a fisherman. Seriously. He has some major fishing poles). This was mostly said to snapper and groupers.
b) Look at how cool/beautiful/manueverable that thing is!

We spent about half an hour staring at the walruses (walrusi?), sadly none of them had a bucket. And I had to tear him away from the penguins. I actually thought that we were going to stand there watching that penguin hop from rock to rock for the rest of our natural lives.

3) Saw the Harry Potter movie. It was basically a mess. Beautifully shot, but super choppy, and missing CJ's favorite part of the book: when a brain attacks one of the death eaters. I am now impatiently waiting for 7 to come out so that my roommate can read it, and then I can steal it from her/one of my other friends. If anyone ruins it for me, I will kill them. No joke. I will actually kill them.


Jacob Da Jew said...

I also went to CIA this weekend.

Weird and Weirdos galore.

Tell CJ he has to get out one of his Ocean-grade rods and roll down to the pier.

I've seen them catch almost anything there. This week I saw a manta ray, some crabs and a small land shark!

Pictures by me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mythic Creatures is a real exhibition, not just a movie. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and though it was painful to pay up (I thought it was going to be free, too), it was really frikking cool. Save up and go.

Annie said...

Jacob- I'll let him know. I think that he mostly wants to catch fish that he can eat. He doesn't like sport fishing.

Anon- really? Now I'm disappointed. I guess I'll have to go back.