Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Children and the Military

WashPo has an article about the baby boom on military bases. Two lines struck me:

1) According to one nurse ""We knew that any time the soldiers are deployed, we knew the one thing they liked to do best when they come home is get a little bit of loving." Amazing.

2) "New mothers are exempt from deployment for four months. But after that, husband-and-wife soldiers have to arrange for child care if they are both sent overseas. Often, relatives or close friends take care of the children."

If I am interpreting this second correctly, it means that the military does not provide aid or childcare for families with two parents deployed overseas. That is completely absurd. To have to rely entirely on the kindness of relatives or friends, for an unspecified amount of time? Really? That is unreasonable.

Yet another example of the army's subtle discrimination policies against women, those that keep them from enlisting, advancing, etc.

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G said...

Voluntary army, Voluntary family.